ined up to 100,0 00 yuan (14,650 U.S. dollars) if they ar▓e found involved in jacking up vegetable prices. The maximum fine for businesses is 1 million yuan. In Kunming, capital of the hardest-hit Yunna n province,
the local governme nt is monitoring food prices and supply on a daily basis. ▓Local price control and industry and commerce authorities have launched campaigns to crack down on food hoarding and price gouging. Local governments in their neighbor▓ing reg ions have ta
ken similar meas ures to prevent huge rises in prices of gra▓in, edible oil, and vegetables. The dry weather has been ravaging southwest China for months, affecti▓ng 61.3 million residents and 5 million hect a▓res of cr
ops in Guizhou, Yunnan, Si chuan, Chongqing▓, and Guangxi. The worsening drought has▓ damaged wide swathes of vegetables and sparked sharp price hikes. Many vegetable▓ prices have more than doubled. Hou J▓unfa, a purcha sing manager

in a hotel in Nanning, capital of Guangxi, said vegetable prices continued to surge ev▓en after the Chinese Lunar New Year when prices usually fall. Wang Weny

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idents choose to buy che▓aper vegetables to cut household expending. BE▓IJING, Jan. 31 (Xinhua) -- China

will put more investment, subsidies, fiscal and pol▓icy supports into rural areas this year so as to b

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etter▓ coordinate urban and rural development, the central government said Sunday in its first policy

document of the year."Working for▓ coordinated development between urban and rural areas is the fundam

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ental requirement of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round▓ way," said the document.

The document, join▓tly issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the 

ing, a whole▓sa

State Council, or the Cabinet, promised to improve the livelihood of rural residents, wh▓ich it said is one of the main tasks in

ler in Nanning, said that pric

es ▓of onion and potato continu

China's efforts to adjust resident inc

ed to rise be▓cause of

ome distribut▓ion system.Expanding rural dema

output declines in Yunnan,

nd should be the key measur▓e in boosting domestic demand, it s

a main vegetable

aid, while developing▓ modern agriculture should be considered as a major task in transforming China's economic growth pattern.It

pro▓ducing region. Th

e price hikes have resu?/a>

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called for more efforts to maintain grain production, increase of f▓armers' income and good development momentum in ru

reases in household expend

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ral areas.IMPROVING POLICY, STRENGTHENING FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO RURAL AREASThe document said that the central government

ent in Nanning, surnamed Yan

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would continue to improve the policy system to empower and benefit farmers. The government would also conti▓nue boost

spent f

ing financial input into the agriculture and rural areas

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